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Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000
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All new MPU architecture - more processing power than any other DJ media player
Improved high resolution (HD) touchscreen
Improved jog wheel mechanism
Touch cue and touch preview functions
Enhanced audio capabilities - the best ever sounding CDJ
Robust build quality - buttons last at least 30% longer
Upgraded key sync options - harmonic mixing simplified
Eight cue/loop button
The Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 media player ushers in the next stage in the evolution of the industry standard CDJ deck.  You might be wondering why this new deck is billed as a CDJ when there’s no optical drive on-board.  Pioneer DJ's relentless approach to development has ensured that the CDJ brand now represents the pinnacle of the digital DJ deck – and they've opted to stick with the familiarity of the acronym while removing the disc drive.
Just like every major CDJ update, the CDJ-3000 isn’t about reinventing the wheel – as the old saying goes “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.  This new player takes well established workflow and performance features and enhances them.
Pioneer DJ has exhausted the power offered in the previous generation’s DSP driven architecture and developed a completely new MPU based platform.  The team behind this unit have drawn upon years of engineering expertise and worked with hundreds of professional DJs to ensure a deck that’s ready for the future - yet feels just as you’d expect.
The MPU (multi processor unit) platform utilises two processors (one quad core, the other a dual core chip) to execute instructions at a staggering rate.  There is no other media player on the market today that can challenge the CDJ-3000 for processing power.  The leap up from the CDJ-2000NXS2 is immediately noticeable – everything loads faster, and the on-board processing power enables playback of files up to 96kHz, delivering unrivalled sound quality.
The Ultimate DJ Media Player
Pioneer DJ didn’t stop at the processing power when it came to the pursuit of unrivalled sound quality.  The materials chosen for the circuitry within the unit have all been selected for the ability to minimise noise and interference. Hooking the CDJ-3000 up to a sound system via a DJM-900NXS2 or DJM-V10 will deliver a detailed sonic performance not previously possible.
The technological improvements don’t end with the sound quality and processing capabilities.  Connectivity is significantly enhanced by the inclusion of gigabit ethernet.  This seemingly simple upgrade unlocks a wide range of benefits.  Pro DJ Link can now support up to six CDJ-3000 thanks to the boosted data transfer rates, but that’s not all.  The speed increase allows for stacked waveforms, a feature requested by countless DJs who use DJ software.  The waveform of the track playing on the “master” deck is now available on the screens of all the slave players –making complex, multi-layered mixes possible with minimal effort.
On top of the speed and processing improvements we can’t ignore the beautiful new 9-inch HD touchscreen. With up to 150% increased brightness over the CDJ-2000NXS2 – the CDJ-3000 screen is perfect for use in both low light conditions and on the stage during the daytime at a festival.  The improved screen resolution allows for the inclusion of more information with an additional 33%more tracks visible when navigating.  The new touchscreen now allows gestures for navigation – if you want to scroll through your tracks then swiping up or down on the list is all you need to do.  In addition the display also supports 3-band waveforms, visually portraying the intensity of the low, mid and high frequency content within a track.  The enhanced screen resolution also means that touch preview and touch cue are possible by tapping on the waveforms when using cue-link (available on the DJM-900NXS2 and V10 mixers).
Every new generation of CDJ has included new performance features, and the CDJ-3000 is no different.  The hot cues have been moved to a central position below the screen and above the jog-wheel.  There are now eight hot cue/loop buttons – PioneerDJ have moved to a configuration that is already available on the XDJ all-in-one systems and DDJ controllers instead of the previous switchable banks of four.
The new jog-wheel mechanism is ultra smooth and can be adjusted to suit your ideal resistance.Pioneer DJ have increased the number of sensors within the unit to lower platter latency to half that of the CDJ-2000NXS2.  The in-jog displays seen on the recent DDJ-800/1000/1000SRT and XDJ-XZ are a welcome addition and can display additional information as well as artwork depending on your preference.
Mixing in key has been given a serious shot in the arm with the inclusion of two new options - relative key of dominant key and relative key of subdominant key.  This enables key shifting in smaller increments which reduces the audible artifacts introduced, delivering an improved yet musically pleasing mix by dropping the number of semitones shifted.
Built to last
Recognising that the CDJ-3000 will become an industry standard, Pioneer DJ have uprated a number of components including the play and cue buttons.  They've reduced the travel in the buttons by surface-mounting the switches, improving both response and life expectancy by more than 30% compared with the CDJ-2000NXS2.  The new hot cue/loop buttons have also been upgraded using the same components.  Continuing with the theme of rugged build quality, the top panel is manufactured from aluminium to be both lightweight and rigid at the same time.
Not only can the top panel withstand life in the booth, Pioneer have added v-lock power connectors to ensure there are no accidental power shutdowns while you're focussed on moving the dance floor.  Speaking of life in the booth, the CDJ-3000 can utilise phrase information to synchronise lighting shows thanks to the enhanced lighting mode within Pro DJ Link.  This is perfect for smaller venues who do not use a lighting technician or controller for the lighting effects.
The Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 is a significant step up from the CDJ-2000NXS2.  Given the additional processing power that the new MPU platform has in reserve, and the promise from Pioneer DJ's R&D team that the current feature set is just the beginning,  the new dimension looks set to expand at rapid pace in the near future.
The main features of the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 multi-player include:
Advanced MPU - rock-solid reliability and unrivalled processing capability
Pro DJ Link with Gigabit Ethernet - now link up to 6 decks
Better screen visibility - improved brightness by 150%
Tougher components - built to withstand life in the booth and on-stage
Enhanced audio design - let your audience hear the true sound of the music
9-inch,high-resolution touch screen with never-seen-before features - touch preview, touch cue, stacked waveform and support for 3-band waveforms
KeySync and Key Shift - mix in perfect harmony
Pioneer DJs smoothest-ever jog wheel - feel the difference
Effortlessly express your creativity - eight hot cue buttons, dedicated beat jump buttons, advanced auto beat loop section

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