Ground Zero GZRA Micro ONE

Ground Zero

Ground Zero GZRA Micro ONE
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  • Ground Zero GZRA Micro ONE
  • 17429-GZ_1
  • 17429-GZ_3
  • 17429-GZ_2
Radioactive klasse D mono
1 kanals høyeffektiv Klasse D effektforsterker
Meget kompakte ytre mål
Høynivåinngang med auto on
Effekt CEA 2006 standard:
RMS Effekt 4Ohm: 1 x 220W
RMS Effekt 2Ohm: 1 x 350W
Mosfet strømforsyning
Bass boost eq 0-12 dB (45Hz)
Lavpassfilter 40 - 500 Hz
Subsonisk filter 15 - 25 Hz
Justerbar faseskift 0 - 180 grader
Frekvensrespons 15 - 400 Hz
Inngangsfølsomhet 200mV - 5 Volt
1 x 30A sikring
Fjernkontroll for dashbordmontering inkludert
Mål (H x B x L): 44mm x 75mm x 190mm

Brukermanual vedlagt PDF

Micro-sized amplifiers!
Introducing the smallest amplifiers GZ ever built: The new “GZRA Micros”
In some modern car environments, the installation space for sound quality audio systems becomes more and more limited. Nevertheless, following this trend, Ground Zero preferred to keep on developing products with the focus on excellent performance, accuracy and quality. Now the time has come to introduce its result to the market, the brand new “GZRA Microamplifiers”.

Equipped with an identical micro-sized heatsink, GZ focuses on two versions: The GZRA Micro One - a powerful mono channel amplifier and the GZ Micro Four - which is a SQ optimized 4-channel amplifier. The outer dimensions amount only 19mm x7.5mm x 44 mm / 7.48”x 2.95”x 1.73” allows uncomplicated and space-saving installation. Both amplifiers are 2Ohm stable and equipped with the latest Class D technology for high efficiency and lowest possible power consumption. In addition, both of them feature Auto-Power-On function as well as high-level inputs using the RCA terminals.

Technical Specifications: The GZRA Micro One delivers 1x 220/350 W RMS@ 4 / 2 Ohm (=1%THD+N) with a frequency response of 15 to 400 Hz. The signal canbe adjusted with several controls: subsonic filter (15 - 25 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct), low-pass crossover (40 - 400 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct), bass boost (0 - 12 dB @ 45 Hz)and phase shift (0 - 180°). A bass remote control with 5 m cable is included.
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